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Long Island and Bay Ridge Brooklyn double-header

Jumped to Jupiter this past weekend by completing both half-marathons, woohoo!!!

Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon

Half Fanatics came out in force to run over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and through Cheney Stadium!

Larissa "Nordic Moxie" Martin Ralph

A fixture in the running scene, pacing for the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon!

2013 Route 66 Half Marathon

Hundreds of Half Fanatics & Maniacs converge on Tulsa for the a trip to the Center of the Universe and of course the special Fanatic & Maniac medals!!!

Poulsbo Half Marathon pacers

Maniac Fanatic debut pace team, with the famous cat signs!

Detroit International Half Marathon

Fanatic #8354 Scott Heckel

Baltimore Half & Marathon

Fanatics & Maniacs, one big happy family!

Welcome to Half Fanatics

  • Do your thoughts switch to the next scheduled race immediately after finishing a Half Marathon?
  • Are you signed up for more than one race right now?
  • Do you know specifics about many of the Half Marathons? Dates, courses, years run, etc.?
  • Do you know the story of how the Half Marathon got started?
  • Do you read books on running like Marathon and Beyond?
  • Is www.marathonmaniacs.com book marked on your computer?
  • Do you look at the race schedule more than once a week?
  • Do you start to feel down when you haven't run a race in a while?
  • Are your closets and dressers filled with race t-shirts
  • When asked about your racing from none running people, do you find yourself talking with great passion to the point that the person that asked the question regrets ever asking? Have you run races on back to back weekends? Or better yet back to back days?
  • Have you run a Half Marathon as a training run? Or just to pace a friend?
  • When asked by loved ones what your plans are for the weekend, you feel guilty telling them your running another half marathon so you tell them "it's only a 10K this weekend"?
  • Do you plan all your vacations around a races?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, you just may be a Half Fanatic!!!